Remington Revolver Photo Gallery

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A frontiersman would have been well-armed with a pair of New Model Armis and a Bowie knife - Bottom Dealin' Mike
The 1875 Remington is a beautiful sixgun. - Bottom Dealin' Mike
Replica 1875s are available with both 5 1/2 inch and 7 1/2 inch barrels. - Bottom Dealin' Mike
These E.M.F. replicas are chambered in .44-40 just like the originals. - Bottom Dealin' Mike
The Revolving Carbine is an appropriate companion to the New Model Army. - Bottom Dealin' Mike
The addition of an R&D .45 Colt cartridge cylinder makes the revolving carbine a double threat. - Bottom Dealin' Mike
Here's a sneak look at ser # 1. R&D Gunshop's prototype Rollin White conversion for Taylor & Co. - Bottom Dealin' Mike
An R&D Drop-in cylinder allows you to shoot .45 Colt cartridges from a New Model Army - Bottom Dealin' Mike
A Remington dream. - Bottom Dealin' Mike
Ready to ride. - Bottom Dealin' Mike
The grip panels on this pair of Navies were roughed out by Phil Vanatta, the Gripmaster. - French Jack
Antler-gripped, .36 Navies with Kirst conversion cylinders - French Jack
Devil Dog Dan blasts away with a pair of stainless Remingtons - Red Creek Dick Martin
The top revolver is an Pietta with a patina look, the bottom revolver is a Uberti, all in cal .44 - Trail Creek Jim ( Jimmy Emanuelsson ) Scandinavian Western Shooters # 7
SCORRS Belt Buckle - Light Fingers Larry
What happens when a fine pair of Remington New Armys are left alone in the same room and romance is in the air? - Light Fingers Larry
Little fellow tucked away - Light Fingers Larry
The short one was made by me. - Doc Dawson
My Remingtons - Doc Dawson
7 1/2" Uberti 1875 in holster, 5 1/2 " 1875 Uberti in action at Hell On Wheels 2001 - Boston John Doucette
The Ultimate Remington - Before and After - Bottom Dealin' Mike
My 5 inch chopped Remmie - Paladin, UK
My Remingtons - Danny Bear Claw
Hege-Uberti Remington 1858 New Model Army, Caliber .44 Cap&Ball, Lothar-Walther-match-barrel, plain walnut ordnance grips, Pietta shoulder stock - Mercante, Vienna Austria
Hege-Uberti Remington 1858 New Model Army, Caliber .45 Long Colt R&D Conversion Cylinder, Dixie Gun Works bonded ivory grips - Mercante, Vienna Austria
Shooting one of my '58 Remingtons at The Coto Cowboy monthly shoot. Just a week after this picture was taken, my R&D cylinders came. YEHAA! - Skullsplitter
My "Remmies": A 75 nickled Uberti .45 Colt with an interchangable 45ACP cylinder; an EMF 75 in .45Colt; and a 58 Target Model Pietta! All three are great shooters and the .45ACP cylinder is astounding! - Cuts Crooked
Engraved by Texas Jack and tuned by Arizonia Thumber. Sweet shooters, and real smooth actions. - Cactus Cris
.45 ACP cartridge conversion using a Kirst Konverter cylinder. - French Jack
Kirst conversion stripped down to the details. - French Jack
The recoil shield has been cut to form a loading trough. - French Jack
The loading lever has been notched to accommodate the end of the ejector. - French Jack
My '58' modified by "?". Has an R&D cylinder in it at the current time but may be reverting back to the percussion cylinder to shoot it as it was designed. - Georgia Slick
"Trail Creek Jim" blasting away with his 5.5 inch Uberti 1858 .44 at "The Outlaws Trail 2002" in Sweden
This fine original Remington Police Model cartridge conversion in .38 rimfire belongs to Kansas City Jack. The Police Model may be the best handling Remington revolver ever made. - Bottom Dealin' Mike,
This beautiful rig was hand made for Paladin UK by his pard Rooster CockburnGB who makes rigs purely as a hobby and is also a SCORRS Member - Paladin, UK
Me makin' smoke at Mule Camp with my newly acquired nickle-plated '58 New Army - Doc McCandless
My pair of modified Pietta 58's I fondly refer to as Salt and Pepper. Barrels been bobbed to 6 inches, grips stripped, re stained and oiled, then the main springs been replaced with some Wolf Colt/Uberti reduced power springs, finally the actions was slicked up. They is smoooooooooooooth... - Georgia Slick
The .44 Texas I chopped to 6 inches and reamed the cylinders for a snail capper last week and shot it this Sunday and its a dream!! - Paladin, UK
The .31 well, isn't she just the purdiest little Remmie you`ve Ever seen? - Paladin, UK
My Remmie and Junior - Paladin, UK
My little Remmie .31 was shootin about a foot high and about 4 inches to the right!! Not Any More!! I made her a scaled down dovetailed post sight so she looks the same as her Big Brother!! I think she looks even Purtier now!! Wouldn't ya say!! - Paladin, UK
This is the actual rig worn by Clint Eastwood when he played the Preacher in "Pale Rider". The pictures are coutesy of Kansas City Jack and Baltimore Bullet.
Another view of Clint's Remingtons and the extra cartridge cylinders for reloading from the belt.
The Remington New Model Army and the pocket pistol were both converted to fire cartridges by Stembridge's Gun Rental.
Judge Roy Bean Receives SCORRS Badge.
SCORRS Banner - Courtesy of Fannie Mostly
A pair of my 58's - Doc McCandless
Grips by Russ N. Hound - Doc McCandless
The two on top have grips by Russ N. Hound and the two on the bottom are .36 caliber models with .38 conversion cylinders - Doc McCandless
My Lil' Bruiser - Mohave Gambler
My custom holsters by Bob Mernickle of Mernickle Custom Holsters I - Calamity Jane
My custom holsters by Bob Mernickle of Mernickle Custom Holsters II - Calamity Jane
I built this beautiful short-barrelled Remington New Model Army revolver. The metal was left in the white after polishing it to a high luster. - Ned Pepper GB
The loading lever catch under the shortened barrel didn't leave enough clearance to remove the base pin. I solved that problem by hingeing the pin in the center. - Ned Pepper GB
These beautiful grips were made fer my Texas by Russ - Paladin UK
My latest 1875 with elephant ivory grips crafted by Jim Alaimo at Nutmeg Sports - Bottom Dealin' Mike's
Nothing feels better in your hand than a set of genuine ivory grips - Bottom Dealin' Mike's
These ivory grips have a beautiful grain pattern - Bottom Dealin' Mike's
The swivels are from Uberti USA. I made my own rings - Rattlesnake Jack Robson
32 S&W conversion that I made as part of a machine shop class that I took a few years ago - Wheels
My pair of New Model Army revolvers in Big Ed's San Pedro rig - John Boy
Closeup of my copied high relief engraving carved on an origional pair of NM Army's by Louis D Nimschske , thanks to Kirk Ratajesak. Do ya notice that the screw stud is carved as a wreath? - John Boy
Two of my Remington revolvers that I shoot my CAS matches with here in Sweden. They look a little strange without the loading ram, but I kinda like them that way. They are .44's and made by Armi San Paolo (and myself). - Qball
1890 Remington with Buffalo Brothers grips - Bottom Dealin' Mike
My daughter's, "Cherokee Moon Baby", 5.5 inch EMF 1875 Outlaws in .357/.38 with grips from Vintage Gun Grips - CS Undertaker
Original Remington Conversions I - Colonel Sir Harry Paget Flashman
Original Remington Conversions II - Colonel Sir Harry Paget Flashman
Swedish army rifle m/1860.64.67. Originally was muzzelloder, but it was rebuilt with a rolling block system 1869 by "Carl gustavs stads gevärsfactor". Caliber 12,7x44r (similar to 50-70 Government) Carbine is a Uberti cal 44 and the "1890" is Uberti cal 44-40. The favorite is the "1858", a Pietta cal 44. - Widowmaker
My rig with extra cylinders. Made by Don Barnett (GrouchyOldBear) at his Liberty Leather shop Liberty Leather Shop - I Ben Robbed
An original Remington 1858 factory conversion in .44 CF. Note the thin backplate, with a recess for the cylinder ratchets, is held on by a screw on the inside of the frame's cylinder cutout. See next picture below. - Lt. Blueberry
The gun below the original 1858 conversion looks like a 1890 model, but it has the old barrel engravings (E. REMINGTON & SONS...), used in 1888 and before. See next picture below. - Lt. Blueberry
My '58 Pietta Remington modified to shoot .45 Colt using a Kirst cylinder with a custom recoil shield/firing pin and my original "conversion" Pocket Model ('71 I think). And a 1st Model (1879) - Tommy4toes
These are double action Remingtons. The unconverted one is 36 caliber and converted one is 38 rimfire. Parts are missing from both revolvers but a search is underway for either replacement parts or information so the parts can be made. It is rumored that only three of these revolvers exist in Sweden and the third one belongs to a collectior not a shooter. - Qball - Sweden
Clockwise from the top they are: Uberti Remington Revolving Carbine, genuine Remington New Model Army (re-blued, but completely numbers matching and martially marked), antiqued/browned Pietta 8" barrel, Pietta 8" with ported Kirst Konverter in .45LC/.45ACP w/extractor, Pietta 5 1/2" w/ R&D Conversion in .45LC. - John
Top to bottom, 2002 Pietta 8 inch, with Kirstported 44 Rem Konverter and ejector, 2000 pietta 8 Inch, soon to have 44 Rem Gated konverter, and my baby, a 2005 Pietta 4 3/4 inch Gunfighter, soon to have a 44 Rem ported Kirst Konverter also. - Halfway Creek Charlie
Completed Gunfighter with the jointed cyl pin and rammer latch installed. Shown with the 44 Rem ported konversion cylinder. Halfway Creek Charlie
My genuine original Remington New Model Army (left side). - John
My genuine original Remington New Model Army (right side). - John
My Remington family: Uberti Cattleman's Carbine with R&D conversion for 45 Long Colt
2-Pietta steel frame Bisons
2-Pietta 1858 44 cal, one fixed sight, one adjustable sight, 2 R&D conversions for 45 Long Colt
2-Pietta 1858 36 cal
2-ASM Rem Pocket
- Old Baldy
A shot in the dark! - Papa Bear
On the Left is the Uberti gated factory 45 Colt conversion from Taylors. On the right is the forged frame Uberti 1858 from Taylor's with Walt Kisrt's .45 Colt Kirst Konverter (non-gated). Pictured are the boxes with the Winchester brand .46 rimfire boxes - Tuolumne Lawman
My early production Uberti Remington M 1875 in .45 Colt with factory original, period-correct base pin release. Purchased this battered looking pistol "pre-owned" at a gun show. S/N 7x, production during the early 1970s. One pre-owner tinkered with the front sight but bore, chambers etc. are in good shape. The Remmie is currently being restored to "late model" configuration with blade front sight, steel triggerguard, no lanyard ring. - Long Johns Wolf
My 1875s and my customized 1858/63 NMA - Steel Horse Bailey
Original 1875 Remington, 44/40 calibre. - Tubac
Original 1890 Remington, 44/40 calibre. - Tubac

Remington M 1875 replica in .45 Colt cal., S/N 73, proof mark XX8 from 1972, with period correct cylinder pin release of early Uberti production. Restoration done by gun smith Klaus Mumme including "overhauling the metal" and a complete bluing. Bluing of the frame was an issue as just no proper covering of the old Uberti case colors could be accomplished, resulting in a mottled and used look. Klaus fitted a new front sight 58-type, had hammer and loading gate traditionally case colored , and did an action job. I removed the old factory varnish from the grips and applied an oil finish. Now she looks like she saw action in the Wild Wide West. - Long Johns Wolf
Top one is an Armi San Marco the other three Piettas. Ajax "ivory" grips on the blued one. A cylinder pouch on the left and a cylinder and cap pusher with antler handle in the middle - Wolfgang
My old Navy Arms (Uberti) Remington. It's getting new grips and an antiquing job - Cimarron Lawman
They followed me home! My Dad (RIP) made the table. He made one for each of his four sons. - Marshal Rusty Bore
My matching pair of Nickled Remington 1863s.The grips are Fancy Maple on the one and Paduk on the other. - Alabama
This is my nicest Remington, the Pietta Old Silver. I put some fancy Lacewood grips on it. She shoots nice, points outstanding, and is oh such a joy to look at too. - Alabama
Remington Smoot - shoots 38 Short Colt, heel base bullet. - Hoof Hearted
This is my Cimarron Remington Navy, one of the new forged frame models. I stripped the gloss black and lightly cold blued to achieve an uneven patina, and refinished the grips with Danish Oil. - Indian Outlaw
My Remington Hege Army Match (first series) in suitcase with all required accoutrements for shooting. - The Judge - Netherlands

Courtesy of Frontier Forge